Online Gambling Laws


With 50 states in the Union, each with their own different laws, it is no surprise that the the state online gambling laws tend to vary. Every single state has codified its own gambling laws, and some players tend to be very confused due to the fact that there is no single end all, be all for determine what is legal and what is not in terms of gambling - primarily online. The legalities of online gambling are already incredibly confusing on a federal level. Throwing in the fact that state laws also take some form of precedence and what you get is major complications surrounding whether or not you can actually legally gamble online. There is no easy answer to this question of legal online gambling in the United States, so what we will ultimately show you here is not whether or not the games are technically legal, but rather what sites will accept you regardless of your state of residence.

We cannot stress enough how much you need to pay attention to the laws of gambling in your state before you decide to make a foray into the gambling industry. While we are here to show you which gambling sites accept residents of the United States, but we cannot actually tell you the specifics about the laws. We are not legal experts, and thus we cannot actually tell you much beyond the fact that there a few states that have banned online gambling outright - Washington State, Louisiana, Nevada and Montana. If you live in one of these states you could face arrest for gambling online.

Factors Contributing To Online Gambling Laws

The UIGEA & It's Affect On Gambling Laws
The entire issue of whether or not online gambling is legal is essentially a total grey area. The federal government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, but this is more related to financial payment processors than people who actually play online gaming. The fact that this law is built more for payment processors than the actual gamers has contributed to the grey area more than anything else. Some state that this law makes online gambling illegal on a de facto basis, but nothing has truly been determined.

Online Gambling Laws According To The States
Each state in the U.S.A. has their own gambling laws, and the real complication stemming from this is the fact that most states have not written anything specific pertaining to online gambling. There are a few states that have codified something related to online gambling, but those who have have generally made it illegal to participate in one or more forms of online gambling. Some say that existing gambling laws are in place with online gambling due to online gambling being generally the same as land based gambling, while others argue that online gambling has nothing to do with existing gambling laws due to the nature of the Internet.

Major Forms Of Gambling Affected By Laws
Another major issue is the separation of each form of online gambling. The three major forms of online gambling - casino gaming, sports betting, and online poker - all face different licensing requirements and restrictions with their brick and mortar counterparts, and online gambling is only somewhat different. You once again have to consider the cross over between land based and Internet gambling.

The Wire Act Of 1961
Sadly, the government has long been battling over whether or not the Wire Act, a law from 1961, pertains to online gambling, despite the fact that the Wire Act was written and passed long before the Internet was conceptualized by ARPANET or became a commercial endeavor. We have found many of these gambling sites that will provide you with a way to gamble, though the true legalities per the Internet Gambling Laws are, as we have said, a grey area.

Online Casinos That Accept Players From All 50 States
WinPalace - Exclusive Bonus For Our Readers: 400% To $4,000 For Slots - Accepts All U.S. Players
WinPalace Casino has long provided their users with one of the most impressive sets of games and bonuses. They have a bonus with a match percentage that is rivaled only by the large limit on how much can actually be received. WinPalace allows their users to collect this bonus with the promotional code 4000FREE, which ultimately activates a 400% match to $4,000. When you join up with WinPalace you will see that they accept players from every state in the Union. The RTG software they use offers over 100 games, which cover everything from slots, video poker, table games and more. WinPalace has multiple deposit methods ready to be utilized, including e-wallets, credit and debit cards and other options. WinPalace has become one of the most impressive casinos on the market due to these reasons.
Slots Jungle - RTG Casino Accepting Players From All 50 U.S. States: 10 Part, $10,000 Bonus Package
Slots Jungle Casino is another of the best casinos we have seen online. They provide their users with a safe gambling site that has suffered no complications from the law. Slots Jungle Casino has made it easy to get in on the games, both by offering simple deposit methods and some big bonuses. Slots Jungle offers easy access to their casino through the use of credit cards, e-wallets, bank methods and similar options. Slots Jungle Casino offers a set of ten different bonuses, each requiring the bonus code JUNGLEWELCOME. They have a 100% match to $1,000 on each of these ten boosts. Slots Jungle Casino has ultimately been labeled one of the best on the market due to the ease of access that they have been providing.
Lucky Red - Players From All U.S. States Welcomed: Huge 400% To $4,000 One-Time Slots Bonus
Lucky Red Casino provides players with some of the best games out there, and these are all legal under the premise of the RTG software. With no specific ban on online gambling, you will be able to very easily play with Lucky Red Casino. They offer their users a solid bonus, which is a 400% match to $4,000 on slots. They have the bonus code LUCKYRED400 for new players, which can be used to infuse your bank account with a huge amount of money regardless of your deposit method. MyPayLinq, VISA, MoneyLineWallet, American Express and MasterCard can all be used to build up a higher bankroll. As one of the most trusted casinos online, this is definitely a place you can turn for easy gaming.
Casino Titan - Up To $1,000 Available Through 400% Match For Players From The United States
Casino Titan is another of the world's most trusted casinos, and they provide American gamblers with easy access to all of their services. Over 85 different games can be enjoyed through Casino Titan, backed by some of the largest bonuses and highest payouts. Casino Titan has a 400% match to $1,000 awaiting all new players. They have several bonuses waiting beyond this first promotion. Casino Titan's deposits are so easy to make because of their large number of bonuses. They have four credit cards available, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. Through Casino Titan, the amount of enjoyment that can be found from just one casino is far beyond most other gaming centers.
Other Legal Casinos Accepting Players From All 50 States

Bonus: 100% - $750
Accepts From: All States
Best Deposit Method: Credit Cards

Visit Club World

Bonus: 100%
Accepts From: All States
Best Deposit Method: Prepaid Cards

Visit Bovada

Bonus: 300% - $3,000
Accepts From: All States
Best Deposit Method: VISA/Mastercard

Visit Golden Cherry

Bonus: 100% - $747 2x
Accepts From: All States
Best Deposit Method: Prepaid Credit Cards

Visit Manhattan Slots

Bonus: 200% - $2,000
Accepts From: All States
Best Deposit Method: Prepaid Cards

Visit High Noon

Online Sportsbooks That Accept Players From All 50 States
Bovada Sportsbook - Impressive Match Bonus Equaling 20% Of First Deposit For All U.S. Players
Bovada is another impressive sportsbook, and they operate under the right side of the law. Their licensing by way of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission offers easy access to their service, and you will be able to bet on a number of sports by way of this service. They provide betting odds on every possible sport, including major national sports and also collegiate and international sports. Bovada has a 10% unlimited match bonus, and this can be collected for any betting line they offer. With bank transfers, MyPayLinq and VISA cards readily available to deposit, Bovada is one of the easiest sportsbooks to use.
Intertops - New Bettors From All 50 States Accepted Here; 25% To $100 Bonus For First Deposits
Online sportsbooks are some of the most profitable ventures, especially to players who are aptly minded for sports gambling. If you stick to Intertops, you should not have too much trouble participating int he games. They offer odds on a large number of different sports, with over 20 different events on their ballot. They have football, baseball, basketball, hockey, cycling and much more. Professional, amateur and collegiate sports are all covered by Intertops, and almost all of their lines can be played in conjunction with their bonuses. They offer a 25% match or a free $20 bet upon starting up. The 25% match gives up to $100 in free cash. Intertops gives their users some of the best reload bonuses as well, all to be taken advantage of with some of the most favorable odds on the market. The online gambling laws pertaining to sports betting have not inhibited Intertops from operating all over the United States.
Online Poker Rooms Accepting Players From All 50 States
Bovada Poker - All U.S. Players Welcomed At Bovada Poker; $1,100 Deposit Bonus W/ 110% Match
Online poker fans can turn to Bovada for the best possible service. Though this is not one of the largest poker rooms online, they provide their users with some of the best tables and worst players. You should not find too much trouble winning through Bovada, as most of their players are not very good. Bovada offers a 110% match bonus good for up to $1,100 in free cash. Bovada has tables for Texas and Omaha Hold 'em, stud games, and even draw games. Bovada has tournaments, cash games and sit & go tournaments all awaiting their users. Stakes vary from pennies to hundreds of dollars, which give their users an entire range of games to enjoy. Bovada is one of the most trusted gambling sites online, so you should not have too much trouble actually getting involved in the games.
Intertops Poker - First Deposit Worth Up To $600 For All New USA Players
Poker players will find that there are a number of different options for play through Intertops, and you will have very little trouble accessing their service if you live in the United States. Intertops uses the Cake poker network to offer one of the best bonuses, including a 110% match to $600. This also gives entry into a new player's freeroll, which will offer you a way to earn money before you even begin the grind. Their poker deposits can be done by way of MasterCard, VISA, American Express and bank transfers, which are fundamentally easy deposit methods. Intertops is one of the safest online poker rooms, and you need not ever worry about being ripped off by this immaculate service.