Legal UFC Gambling

Like any other popular sport, the UFC has a huge betting following. In fact, given its extreme international footprint and stable of fighters, the UFC is actually one of the most popular American sports to bet on worldwide. But while many other countries have longstanding legal UFC gambling and sports betting traditions, the US doesn’t, and it’s only been just recently that the Supreme Court overturned PASPA (the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992) and allowed all US states to regulate their own sports wagering industries. So far, several states have done so, but it’s still difficult for most Americans to find an easy, safe avenue to enjoy legal UFC gambling.

Well, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be. If you’re waiting for your state to legalize local sports betting, you don’t actually have to wait to bet on UFC action – just sign up at an offshore sportsbook like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, 5Dimes, BetDSI, or BookMaker. These sites all operate from overseas, and they have all been serving US-based UFC fans for years. In fact, between the lot of them, these sites have been offering sports betting odds for more than 100 years, and their experience and dedication to customer service means that you can trust them to provide timely, value-packed lines and pay out your winnings fairly and promptly. Signing up is always free, and you can maximize your profit potential by joining multiple sites and shopping lines for every big UFC fight on the docket.

Legal UFC Bet Types

When it comes to the actual wagers that you can place on Ultimate Fighting Championship action, the legal UFC bet types available might seem comparatively slim (especially if you’re used to wagering on other sports like football or baseball). However, this is somewhat deceptive, as you’ll usually get dozens of lines and props for the big PPV fights and a fair amount for the standard weekly UFC broadcasts, as well.

The most common legal UFC bet types will be simple moneyline odds on the winner of a given tilt. As always, the moneyline by a fighter’s name on the boards will be either a positive or a negative number. For example, if a fighter has -185 odds to win, that means that he or she is the favorite in the matchup, and you’d need to risk $185 to win $100. If their opponent has +225 odds, that means that they’re the underdog, so the payout is far better, netting – in this case – $225 for a $100 bet. Keep in mind that these are simply ratios of risk-to-reward and not betting minimums, as most top sportsbooks will accept bets of as little as $0.25.

In addition to the standard straight moneylines mentioned above, legal UFC gambling also usually brings with it a whole host of props to choose from, like the specific round the fight will end in, the method of victory (KO, TKO, submission, etc.), whether or not a fighter will make weight, whether or not the fight will end in a DQ, and so on. As a general rule, as with all sports, the bigger and more anticipated the bout, the more varied props will be posted as the day of the fight approaches.

Fastest UFC Betting Deposit Methods

At all the best sportsbooks (Bovada, SportsBetting, etc.), you typically have most of the same deposit options available to you, and these tend to run the gamut in terms of limits and the time required to process the transfers. Because most new MMA bettors make up their minds to wager just a day or two before a given bout, the fastest UFC betting deposit methods are the most popular in the space. These include credit and debit transactions and Bitcoin transfers. (Other cryptocurrencies also work well for quick transfers, but not every site takes a full complement of altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and DASH. Right now, only SportsBetting and BetOnline accept all these payment methods.)

Other deposit options are also available, though these traditional methods – including bank wire transfers, money orders, cashier’s checks, and various person-to-person payment processors (i.e. Western Union and MoneyGram) all carry higher fees and can take between 7 to 10 days to process. If you need to bet ASAP, a card- or crypto-based solutions is definitely the way to go.

Best UFC Payout Options

Hands down, the best UFC payout options are to request your legal UFC gambling winnings to be transferred via cryptocurrency. Receiving a payout via check or bank wire will take up to two weeks, but if you elect to be paid via Bitcoin or a supported altcoin, you can have your winnings transferred to your private crypto wallet within only a few hours of making the request with your sportsbook’s cashier service. Additionally, Bitcoin/crypto payouts carry no added fees of any kind, so you can keep more of what you win!

Mobile UFC Betting Apps

Right now, there are no native mobile UFC betting apps available in the App Store or in Google Play, as Apple and Google don’t allow these in their marketplaces. With the lifting of PASPA, however, it’s only a matter of time before such apps come out. In the meantime, though, you can still enjoy mobile betting on every UFC matchup, no matter where in the US you happen to be. As long as you have an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, tablet, or any other brand of modern smartphone with an up-to-date web browser and an Internet connection, you can access your sportsbook of choice right from the palm of your hand.

All the top sites have mobile-optimized betting portals that let you quickly and easily do everything you’re able to do on a desktop setup, including making deposits, browsing odds, placing bets, assembling parlays, and requesting payouts. Wagering via mobile is easily the most popular way to enjoy legal UFC gambling, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Live UFC Betting

Live betting is a recent phenomenon made possible by both the Internet and the evolution of mobile betting. With live betting (aka in-game betting), most sports matchups have a huge amount of added action, as bettors can place wagers on all kinds of in-game contingencies from one play to the next. Naturally, the UFC is a little different. That said, the bigger bouts will have in-game betting available, particularly as odds on victory types and round distances are adjusted per the ongoing action.

As live betting is part of the basic services offered by all the top offshore sportsbooks, you can enjoy in-game betting on the UFC whether you’re on the couch at home, at the bar with friends, or pounding the heavy bag at the gym. Live betting is not as big a part of legal UFC gambling as it is for other sports, but there are options there, and perusing the live boards during your favorite fights makes the action that much more entertaining.

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